Registration & Admission

Application Requirements:

All long-term programs (16 weeks or more) 
require applicants to:
  • Complete the appropriate application.
  • Provide proof of high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Provide a valid government issued photo ID
  • Complete an entrance assessment with required scores.
  • Submit to a background check
    history may prohibit an individual from being admitted).
  • Pay the required deposit or application fee  (varies by program).
  • Interview with faculty.

Admission Requirements:

Additional requirements for admission vary 
by program; please see the specifics listed 
under each program. 

For many healthcare programs, the number 
of students accepted is limited. Selection
is based upon an evaluation of all the
admission criteria. 

Students in nine-month technical careers
programs are co-mingled with secondary 
students. Enrollment of secondary students
is given priority with remaining openings
available to qualified adults. Therefore,
some technical careers programs have very
limited adult enrollment. Qualified adult

applicants may be placed on a wait list in the
order in which all required documents are

Personal Enrichment (Short-Term Classes)

Students may register on-line,
in person or by mail.

Course fees are due at the time of registration.  Therefore,
we are sorry that we are unable to accept your registration
by telephone.

Please be sure to mark your calendar for the time and date
your class begins. You are enrolled upon receipt of your
class fees.  You will not be notified unless your class is canceled

You are encouraged to register early, since classes are filled
on a first-come, first-served basis.  Early registration also helps
prevent the cancellation of a class due to insufficient enrollment.

Most classes require a minimum of 7 students.  You will be
notified in the minimum is not met and the class must be
canceled. Many of the classes have limitied enrollment available.

Since we do not currently maintain waiting lists, enroll at your
earliest convenience.

You must be 18 years of age or older to register for classes.

Spring class enrollment begins in December.
Summer class enrollment begins in April.
Fall class enrollment begins in July.

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