Evening Electrical Trades (Adult Only)
36 Hrs of community college credit available.

This program will provide training in electrical trades.  Students will learn how to interpret and apply designs and drawings to the electrical field.
Instruction will include constructing, calculating, and installing residential and circuits and applicable codes.

This course will prepare students for entry level employment as an electrician and in other related areas.  In the first year, residential and
commercial are the two subjects taught.  Residential includes house wiring, NEC code calculations and blueprint reading. Commercial includes
conduit bending, transformers, and motors. In the second year students will focus on industrial motor controls and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Students will learn how to install, troubleshoot, and maintain motor controls and variable frequency drives.  Upon completion of the second year,
the student will be able to read and write Programmable Logix. The different types of PLC’s are: Micrologix 1100, PLC 5, Compact Logix.

Financial Aid 
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