Placement rate calculation methodology:

The Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center is required to report placement rates to our institutional accreditor (Council on Occupational Education), to our state agency (Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education), and for some programs to the program specific accreditor.  Following is an explanation of the process used to gather placement data as well as the calculation method. 

To obtain placement data, CTC staff will use various methods.  To begin, all students are mailed a placement survey.  This survey ask if the student is currently employed, continuing their education, in the military, seeking employment, or unable to work.  Students are ask to name the place of employment or education and if it is related to the field studying at the CTC.  If the survey is not returned, CTC staff members will then try other methods of contact – email, personal phone call, or reaching out through social media.  Information may also be obtained through program teachers or clinical instructors who frequently come in contact with former students. 

Placement data reported to Missouri DESE is to be reported by individual student.  The data is to be gathered at approximately 180 days after program completion.  Data reported to COE is by program and can be at any time between program completion and the date the compliance report is due.  To avoid completing the timely process of gathering this data twice – the data obtained during the DESE window is utilized for both reports. 

All the placement data reports – COE, DESE, or programmatic accrediting agency – are looking for the percentage of students that are placed in a program-related field.  This can include employment in a related field, continuing education in a related field, or any military service.  Exclusions are allowed for those individuals who are unable to work.  (COE also allows for the exclusion of students who have been offered related positions but refused employment.)


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