LOCATION / HOURS Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center
1080 South Silver Springs Rd.     Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
Phone: 573.334.0826      Fax: 573.334-5930
Hours: Mon. through Fri. 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 



  Richard Payne                                            Email: payner@capetigers.com

  Assistant Director, Post-Secondary: 
  Libby Guilliams      
                                    Email: guilliamsl@capetigers.com

  Assistant Director, Secondary:  
  Kristy Unger      
                                         Email: ungerk@capetigers.com

  Workforce Development Coordinator: 
  Kathleen Clayton                                         Email: claytonk@capetigers.com

  Adult Education Supervisor:
  David Dickey                                               Email: dickeyd@capetigers.com

  Guidance Counselor:
  Rebecca Peters                                          Email: petersrj@capetigers.com



General Course Information:              (573)334-0826

Healthcare Career Courses:               (573)334-0826, x6723
Email: hitth@capetigers.com

Technical Career  Courses:                (573)334-0826 x6550, & x6551
Secondary:                Email:  ungerk@capetigers.com
                    Post-Secondary:                Email:  guilliamsl@capetigers.com

Business & Industry Training:             (573)334-0826 x 6507
Email:  claytonk@capetigers.com

Community Education:                          (573)334-0826 x6558
                                                                  Email:  dickeyd@capetigers.com

Adult Education & Literacy (HSE):      (573)334-3669
                                                                  Email:  atwoodb@capetigers.com

Financial Aid Information:                     (573)334-0826 x6510 & x6515
                                                                  Email:  lohmanj@capetigers.com
                                                                  Email:  hobbsl@capetigers.com

Testing/Assessment:                              (573)334-0826, x6509
                                                                   Email:  keysc@capetigers.com
                                                                   Email:  guffeyl@capetigers.com

Cape College Center:                             (573)332-0516
                                                                   Email:  tortega@semo.edu

Scheduling and Enrollment:                  (573)334-0826, x6503
                                                                   Email:  petersrj@capetigers.com



OUR MISSION The Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center will provide high quality educational programs, resources, and practical experiences to meet the evolving needs of secondary students, post-secondary students, and area industry.  Our Center will be a vital contributor to the continued economic development of the region.


OUR VISION The Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center will provide an environment for students to make career connections through education and training.


OUR VALUES Design real-world experiences to allow students to achieve their highest potential.

 Enable students to achieve 21st century skills through hands-on learning.  

 Stimulate the development of leadership qualities and team-building.

 Foster the development of problem solving and continuous learning.

 Encourage work standards of the highest ethics and integrity.

 Develop and utilize appropriate occupational safety practices.

 Provide direction for further education and employment.


The Cape Girardeau Public School System is committed to the concept of equal opportunity for all individuals, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap as defined by section 504, P.L. 93-112, in its employment procedures and in its operation of educational programs and activities. The Cape Girardeau Public School System is required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments, Public Law 93-318 not to discriminate on the basis of sex in above mentioned areas. Persons who feel they have been discriminated against in violation of this policy may appeal to the Compliance Official responsible at 301 N. Clark Ave., Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701, telephone (573) 335-1867.

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990:

If you have special needs as addressed by ADA, please discuss this with your instructor at enrollment. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs.



FALL 2017
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Fri, 11/24/2017
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 Tue 1/2/2018

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Mon, 4/1/2018

Inclement Weather Makeup days
March 29, 2018
May 21, 2018
May 22, 2018
May 23, 2018
May 24, 2018
May 25, 2018

Wed, 7/4/2018 


The Career & Technology Center is a tobacco-free campus. Smoking or the use of tobacco in any manner is not allowed in any part of the building or on any school grounds.

Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, please watch KFVS and/or listen to the local radio stations regarding delay of classes or closing. A separate announcement will be made for classes of the Cape College Center (CCC).


The Cape Girardeau Career and Technology, in collaboration with Manpower help provide students with career placement services.  

The mission of career placement services is to ensure every student the advantage of securing employment in their career field.

Placement Rate Methodology


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